We fish for pike, perch and trout. Ice fishing herring and whitefish that is captured with nets. Enjoy an exciting fishing at very competitive prices.

Half day from 70 € per person
Full day Fishing from 100 € per person.
Generous discounts for families with children.

Fishing rods, reels, lines and other equipment of high quality are included, as well as life jackets, floating overalls, a large and wide range of browsers for different types of fishing.

Fishing trips depart from the sailing ship Pommern and can be combined with a guided tour of the pilot house on the islets.

Coffee and sandwiches can be included, along with barbecue ashore.

Guided fishing trips can also be held over the greater part of the Åland Islands.
I support a sustainable fishery, catch and release.

Please contact me and I will help you to tailor a superb trip according to your requirements!

The Fishing boat “Fiskelyckan” is a purpose-built, fully equipped sport fishing boat brand Nymar.
The boat’s overall length is 6.70 meters, so it is well spacious and stable with excellent seaworthiness.

It is approved for 8 persons and is obviously seaworthiness inspected by the Maritime Administration and holds all safety equipment required for Sea Area 1 and 2.

we comply to environmental and safety reasons.  The boat has an engine that has passed all existing environmental standards and emission requirements with very low exhaust emissions.

The boat is stationed at the sailing ship Pommern is located in the western port of Mariehamn.

Call me from Åland

045 734 205 38

Booking phone from abroad

+358 45 73 420 538