I drive out to the islets tours every day during the café opening hours, based on the fishing port Korvik, but also, if necessary, from Pommern, call for fast pickup!

Jungfruskär, Korsö, Senskär, Nyhamn and Rödhamn are some examples of good places to visit. Coffee, sandwiches, lunch food or sausages grilling can be provided.

I also run tours and sightseeings in the archipelago with a picnic and swimming at many different places, depending on what you want to see and experience.

Kobba Klintar Åland is an edge, where there is an old pilot station, which these days is out of service. Out on Kobba Klintar is now a café and a sailorbar, and it also organized theater games related to local history. 

Booking phone from Åland

045 734 205 38

Booking phone from abroad

+358 45 73 420 538